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Albert Einstine

             Albert Einstein was born on March 14th 1879.
             Albert lived there with his parents, Hermann and Pauline Einstein. .
             The street name was Einsteinstrasse, but the Nazis could not stand to see a Jew .
             have a street the same name as a Jew. The Nazi mayor, on his first day in .
             office, passed to change the street to Fichtestrasse, in honor of the eighteenth-.
             century German philosopher and nationalist orator. .
             Einstein had spent little time in Ulm. One year after birth the family .
             moved to a much larger city. Einstein father, and two uncles went into a .
             business together, setting up an electrotecnical factory. Wehn business falied in .
             1894 family moved to Milan, Italy. Two years after the birth of Albert, his parents .
             had a baby girl named, Maja. When Maja had become older Einstein's parents .
             sent both children to Catholic elementary school. Their education in Judaism .
             was not neglected. Albert quickly became interested in religion. Einstein had .
             gotten his start in his theorys threw religion. .
             Albert wasn't very socal. He kept to himself most of the time. At school .
             the kids would play in the garden, while he would sit and read books. He looked .
             up to his Uncle Jakob, with his engineering. When he was seven he was top of .
             his class. His parents thought that he was just a little slower than the other .
             children in his class.
             Pg. 2.
             Later on Albert was very negitive about everything he did. He disliked .
             instructions to follow, he wanted to learn on his own. When Albert was ten he .
             then moved on to Luitpold Gymnasium (a secondary school or high school at .
             which students recive a classical eduction). The only was Albert would learn .
             was threw his slef. He loved math but only when taught by his slef. .
             At age thirteen, before Albert had studied geometry, his uncle Jakob .
             taught him the pythagorean theorem: that the sum of the squares n the sides of .
             a right-angled triangle is equal to the square on the hypotenuse.

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