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Albert Einstein

             It requires a lot of hard work and intelligence to be labeled a genius, but if there is anyone who deserves this title, it is Albert Einstein. He not only became famous for how smart he was, he was also well liked by the overall population.
             Albert was born in Germany in 1879 to a featherbed salesman named Hermann Einstein, his life began normal enough. Yet by 1884 when Albert received his first compass, he was already ready to begin his investigation of the natural world around him. At the age of 10 he started to read up on all the science he could get his hands on. By 1894 he was enrolled in school, and moved to Italy with the rest of his family. The next year he tried to skip high school altogether, needing more of a challenge in his education, and took an entrance exam to a Swiss technical university. He did not pass this test all because he failed the art portion of the exam. In 1886, at the age of 17 Albert finally graduated from High School and then enrolled in ETH (the Federal Polytechnic School) in Zurich. Shortly after in 1898 he fell in love with a fellow classmate, Mileva Maric. Not long after their graduation, before getting married, Mileva became pregnant. She returned to her parent's home, and had the baby in January 1902. Their funds were low and they could not afford this new little girl. They put her up for adoption, and eventually the child became ill and all records of her disappeared. A year later the two finally got married, and in 1904 they gave birth to their first son, Hans Albert.
             The year 1905 is known as "Annus Mirabilis", or "Einstein's Miracle Year". He submitted his paper in the electrodynamics of moving bodies. Then at the age of 26 he applied his theory of mass and energy, along with the famous formula e=mc2. In 1907 he began to use the laws of gravity with his special theory of relativity. A big boom had started in his career in becoming world renowned for being super smart.

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