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            Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Bavaria, .
             gowing to be a geneius, as a child his parents .
             learn than the average person to respond, talk, and .
             read. These attributes caused him to be a very shy .
             Although slow to the response, he was extremely .
             inquisitive and asked so many questions the .
             teachers refused to acknowledge him. His slowness .
             made it extremely difficult for him to comprehend .
             language, and needed special help to learn words. .
             German must have been a doozy for him. Not .
             only was he teased for not being as quick as .
             others, but for being Jewish as well. He also .
             played violin well, and would play at his parents .
             Going through school Einstein was very interested .
             in mathematics. His uncle Jacob would help him learn .
             by teaching him how to play "chase the x", and playing .
             it with him. Later Einsteins parents moved to Milan, .
             but left him in Munchen as to finish his schooling.
             When Einstein turned 16, he was determined to get .
             into the SFPI .
             (Swiss Federal Polytechnical Institute). But Albert .
             was failing Biology, Zoology, his language calss, and .
             the works at the Institute, so for him they suggested .
             prepatory school in Aarau, Switzerland. He did in fact .
             go to the prep school and returned to SFPI for the full .
             four years. When he graduated, he was named the .
             greatest mathematician the school ever had.
             Albert Einstein was a geneuis, and the discoverer .
             of the formula E=M(c), possibly the most well known .
             physics equation. He was also responsible for "E=(HV) .
             - W". BUt his most well known achievement was that of .
             the harnessing of the atom, the discovery of nuclear .
             fusion. Using his new found equations, he devised the .
             first atom bomb, which releases massive amouts of .
             energy by the conversion of mass when radioactive atoms .
             are split.
             His discoverys in the field of physics, and most .
             importantly, discoverys in atomic energy have led to .
             benefits to the world, such as nuclear reactors, and .

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