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Albert Einstein

             Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Germany. He was the first child of the Jewish couple .
             Hermann and Pauline Einstein. Due to the failure of his father's electrical and engineering workshop, the Einstein .
             family moved to Munich where he received private education in order to be prepared for school. Then in the .
             beginning of 1885 he received his primary education at a public school. Later in1888, he transferred over to the .
             Luitpold-Gymnasium, also in Munich. However, this education was not to his liking and in addition, he did not get .
             along with his form-master so he left the school in 1894 without a degree. Einstein's parents wanted him to finish .
             school, get his diploma so he could go to an University, and then become an electrical engineer. But Einstein had .
             other ideas for his future.
             In order to be admitted to study at the "EidgenÖssische Polytechnische Schule" in Zurich, Einstein took his .
             entrance examination in October 1895, but did not pass. So he attended the Kantonsschule in the town of Aarau in .
             order to improve his knowledge. In early October 1896 he received his diploma and shortly after he enrolled at the .
             EidgenÖssische Polytechnische Schule with the goal of becoming a teacher in Mathematics and Physics.
             Albert Einstein has been called the most brilliant person since Newton. This may be because of his "Theory of .
             Relativity," which explained one of the most famous equation E=mc; or his major involvement in the Manhattan .
             Project, the making of the atom bomb, probably the most destructive weapon known to man. Einstein has one of the .
             most spectacular uses of geometry in his theory of gravitation, also known as the general theory of relativity.Einstein .
             discovered that by considering the properties of space as though it were curved, he could account for the effects of .
             gravity of gravity without using the customary "pull" that we intuitively associate with gravity.

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