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            Alex Stone 8-2 11/20/03.
             Language Report.
             Albert Einstein .
             Albert was one of few scientists that changed man's total view of the world. He set a number of theories about the physical world. These theories dealt from an atom to the far reaches of the universe. They showed such things as gravity, energy, matter, light, space, and time related. He was trying to explain a lot with only a few basic laws. He also worked out many of his theories in his mind, he used the most advanced types of mathematics to show how his ideas worked. The theories were so unusual and complicated that not many scientists understood them. As technology improved Einstein's work and theories were proved to be right. Some of the theories showed what would happen when scientists did certain things in their laboratories and whether it was safe to do it or not. Einstein was very shy as a child. He was very slow at learning, "he was a bit dim-witted."" Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 at Ulm, Germany, a year later he manufactured electrical supplies. Albert was never happy in school. He did not like to memorize facts and rules. He answered slowly when asked questions because he was very thoughtful. He also asked very difficult questions which made his teachers think that he was trying to make trouble. He was always very unhappy. When Albert was 5 he was given a compass with a magnetic needle from his father, which interested him. Albert's best subjects were Literature and mathematics. In his teenage years he read very deeply into and about science, which was when he already started to wonder about the universe.

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