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Einsteins Effect On The World

            Albert Einstein has always intrigued me by his knowledge.
             Only after reading this book did I discover the affect of Einstein's .
             knowledge. His theorems changed the worlds perspective on science and nature. Many of his .
             ideas still get public interest to this day. He is responsible for such theories as: the General .
             Theory, the Quantum Theory, and the Unified Field Theory. Einstein is truly one of the best .
             scientists the world has ever seen.
             Living through both great world wars, Albert Einstein helped start a postwar "revolution .
             in physics that transformed the character of science."" He first started receiving attention with his .
             theory of special relativity. This showed that there was no spatial or chronological framework in .
             the entire universe. He later proved the Newtonian synthesis wrong by showing that time was .
             relative rather than absolute. Albert Einstein changed the way humans were thinking at the time.
             Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879, in Ulm, Germany but soon moved with his .
             family to Munich in 1880. Munich was a larger town located about one hundred miles from Ulm. .
             Pauline Einstein, Albert's mother, was a "tall, strong-minded woman."" His father, Hermann .
             Einstein was very generous and friendly and was loved by just about everyone. Shortly after .
             arriving to Munich, Marie, Albert's sister, who was also known as Maja was born. Hermann had .
             started an electrical business with his brother Jacob. Jacob, being an electrical engineer, could .
             relate to young Albert better than his father could. With his great aptitude for math and science, .
             Albert was drawn to his Uncle Jacob.
             Around the age of five, Albert's parents hired a tutor for him. When he threw a chair at the.
             tutor, it became obvious that he was not the perfect student. However, his parents did not give .
             up on him. They hired another tutor and " his schooling continued."" Entering public school at the .
             age of seven, he demonstrated that his tutoring paid off when he was entered directly into the .

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