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ObamaCare - A Step in the Right Direction

            Throughout history, there has been an uncertainty of how to provide quality health care that the average low-income person can afford. With the economy in such instability, the need is growing as fast as the cost in the healthcare system. In an effort to keep up, a new law has recently been passed introducing a set of guidelines effectively changing the entire system of healthcare as we know it. As with any change there has been great debate over whether the reform is as good in practice as in theory.
             Obama has created a health care plan to provide affordable health insurance for all Americans and to reduce the health care spending (Obamacarefacts.com). In order to understand the purpose of health care reform we first have to understand the current healthcare system and how it began. According to staysmartstayhealthy.com current health care was established during the 1920's and at that time the cost of health care was much lower because the providers weren't as educated about medicine and insurance practices. As doctors gained a better understanding of disease and treatments, they were able to charge patients more for their services. As costs began to rise a nonprofit organization was formed to help patients pay the bills. This system became known as Blue Cross. As time went on the need for insurance continued to increase and opened a new market for private insurers who could provide coverage comparable to that of Blue Cross but they could make a profit in the process. .
             Although based on the same concept these private insurers could pick and choose their clients based on age, lifestyle, and current health status. This assessment would provide a basis for the premiums required and allowed the company to insure people who were less likely to need the benefits of insurance and therefore increasing the profit. The industry continued to expand throughout the next few decades including the development of the Medicare and Medicaid systems which increased the access to healthcare by providing government sponsored coverage to the elderly and low-income populations.

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