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Understanding Common Air Pollutants

             The aim of this paper is to provide a clear scientific understanding of the common air pollutants we have in our world today. In the 21ST century, humans and our environment are exposed to a wide range of health risks through diverse activities predominantly due to human activities. A few of these pollutants are unavoidable (Natural source point of air pollution) , and many are due to ignorance and complacency.
             This paper is concerned with identifying and quantifying the health risks caused by human exposure to air pollution. For some time now, air pollution has highlighted as being a major environmental issue; this literature will examine the two main sources of air pollution, portraying the predominant role humans play in harming the environment through primary air pollutants.
             The aim of this study is also to explicitly identify the unique effect the various types of air pollutants have to human health. This will be achieved by linking the effects to the various sources of air pollution; it will also examine the gases in the atmosphere that contribute to the formation of primary air pollutants like NOX. Furthermore, it will also identify the chemical symbols of air pollutants and natural source of primary air pollution; the topic on how primary pollutants contribute to the formation of secondary pollutants will also be discussed. Lastly, this paper will also examine potential solutions to eradicating air pollution, particularly primary air pollutants.
             Air pollution is a form of pollution where harmful gases are emitted into the atmosphere; these harmful gases are known as air pollutants the atmosphere is one of the most important elements to sustaining life. Good air quality is imperative for humans to live healthy. Air pollution can be divided into two main sources; these sources are human activity and natural activity. Human activity ranges from large scale sources like power plants and manufacturing facilities to small scale activities like chemicals and also transportation.

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