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Emilia in William Shakespeare's Othello

            When analyzing the character of Emilia in Shakespeare's "Othello," one must take into account her conjugal relationship with Iago; an unconventional type of love that Emilia falls deeply into and eventually leads her to the edge of villainy. Emilia, is the wife of Iago and attendant of Desdemona and is the stereotype of a wife who is insecure about her marriage and often worries about the unknown. Emilia tries her hardest to please Iago yet not only that she fails to get attention from him and as well she sets Desdemona to the inevitable death by Othello. .
             The central conflict in "Othello" is between husbands and wives. Othello, the captain of the crew, weds his prize, Desdemona and they both seem happy with their marriage. I believe there would not have been conflict in their marriage had the seed for suspicion not been sown by Iago. Iago, the antagonist of the play, is the reason due to which there is conflict in nearly every marriage. In his own marriage he suspects his wife to have been deceitful, and that too with Othello, thus he takes it upon himself to ruin Othello's marriage. He presents himself as a loyal second hand man to Othello, while he plots against him. He tricks Michael Cassio into courting Desdemona and he presents this courtship to Othello to evoke his suspicion and anger. This is the main conflict and the plot of the play. .
             Digging deeper into the play, the major conflict is starting by Desdemona's handkerchief. Initially is because of Emilia is not satisfying with her relationship with Iago, and in order to get more attention from her husband she decides to help Iago to fight with Othello. Without knowing the purpose and status of the circumstance, Emilia filches Desdemona's handkerchief due to the aftermath of catalyzing Iago's actions against Othello based on her naive judgment. To be sure, that Othello is convinced with her wife Desdemona has "treated " on him, he asks Iago for the ocular proof of Desdemona's infidelity.

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