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Characters in William Shakespeare's Othello

            William Shakespeare is a literary legend; composing dozens of plays, poems and short stories - mostly about love, incest, murder, tragedy and infidelity. The playwright had a way of constructing many complex characters and it's from his genius that we have such characters as Hamlet, Othello, Gertrude and Desdemona.
             In Shakespeare's play "Othello, the Moor of Venice," the title character, Othello, was sold into slavery, escaped his bounds, and ended up as the military commander of the Venetian Military. Othello's status in Venice is complex; he is a foreign soldier that is faithful to another country. He is an excellent warrior, also being such an honest fearless leader to Venice; he has earned both respect and admiration from the Duke, the Senate, and many Venetian citizens. .
             Most of the Soldiers in Othello's army followed him faithfully, except for "Honest iago " Shakespeare, uses clashing irony, by giving Iago his Nickname, many people referred to Iago as "Honest Iago; " Iago is an angry, smart, tricky, ruthless, evil, selfish, bastard. He relishes in other peoples pain, and feeds on innocent soul's destruction. Iago hates Othello, he hates serving under the command of a Spanish Moor; Iago is jealous and angry that Michael Cassio another trusted soldier in Othello's army was promoted above him. So he decides to work up a plan; a plan to destroy all that was good, destroy innocence and love in "Act 1 Scene III, Iago spats out his words like fire, "I hate the Moor, my cause is heated thine has no less reason. I shall trick Othello into believing Desdemona is unfaithful, with that one Michael Cassio!" "(Shakespeare 794).
             Iago manipulates everyone in this play; it's mind blowing. Othello is blinded by Iago's evilness, Iago is very smart and he knows exactly what to say to Othello to make him believe every word he says. Because Othello is a Black Moor and he loves the beautiful, porcelain Desdemona from Venice; Othello can easily be perceived as Demon with Magic, or some sort of Devil Desdemona's father Brabantio, King of Cyprus, is infuriated when, Iago reveals to him, Othello and Desdemona's marriage.

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