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Hiding Evil in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

             Hyde," by Robert Louis Stevenson, Dr. Jekyll is motivated by fear in his decision to hide his evil side because he knows Hyde will only become worse. He doesn't want to become an outcast in the Victorian society and he is afraid that he will get caught for his vicious acts. Dr. Jekyll is a sophisticated, law-abiding citizen, that causes no harm and has always lived by the rules. This causes him to obtain a selfish desire to perform unpleasant acts. A powerful, transforming potion is the result of this desire; as it creates a man that is his alter ego, Edward Hyde. .
             Dr. Jekyll has a fear that Hyde's uncontrollable behavior has only just begun; which will lead to his actions becoming worse. Since Jekyll takes the potion every so often, his desire to do evil things builds up over time, to the point where he unleashes viscously. He says, "My devil had long been caged, he comes out raging"" (133). With all of Hyde's evil built up inside, it unravels in the worst possible way. He killed a man, which frightens Jekyll into thinking that he is capable of doing worse; or continue to commit this particular crime. Hyde is 100%, scientifically created, the evil side of Jekyll. It has become difficult to control this side from raging, which takes over Jekyll's sane mind. He finds himself admitting, "I had gone to bed Henry Jekyll and woke up as Edward Hyde"" (125). The line between Jekyll and Hyde is now being crossed. The transformations are almost uncontrollable; making these barbaric acts more and more common. Jekyll can't control Hyde's desire for crime, now he can't help Hyde overruling his conscience. Jekyll is terrified of Hyde's evil urges; so much so, that he doesn't know what to do with Hyde. He says, "I bring the life of that unhappy Jekyll to an end"" (152). Jekyll is Hyde's necessity to live, since they are a part of one another. The actions of Hyde bring unhappiness and worry to Jekyll. Finally Jekyll releases himself from this self-inflicted misery by letting go of the dangerous Hyde.

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