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Three Missionary Journeys of the Apostle Paul

            The First Missionary Journeys of Paul.
             Directed by the Holy Spirit Paul and Barnabas traveled from their home base in Antioch, Syria to Seleucia, Cyprus and Pathos.
             A. In Pathos they found Bar Jesus (Elymas), a Jewish false prophet who claimed to be sorcerer and attempted to discredit their teaching.
             1. Paul made him go blind when he tried to prevent their teaching.
             2. Converted Sergus Paulus (Deputy of the Country) who witnessed this. (Acts 13:6-12 Life Application Study Bible).
             B. Paul's Modus Operandi: Always begin in Jewish Temple .
             Teaching and never deny Gospel message to the Gentiles.
             II. Paul and Barnabas continued to Perga (Pamphlia) and Antioch (Pisidia).
             A. Paul preached complete Biblical sermon from Noah to Jesus to Antioch (Acts 13:16-380 .
             B. Sabbath Day close to entire city came to hear word of God.
             C. Paul and Barnabas expelled from city by Jewish persecution.
             III. Traveled to Iconium where they remained .
             A. Remained here for greater length, first preaching at Synagogue however again Jewish persecution from stoning threat required them to leave.
             IV. Fled to Lystra (Lycaonia).

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