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Holistic Medicine in the Commercial Medical System

            Throughout history, people of many cultures have utilized remedies and practices of healing that are now referred to as alternative medicine. Alternative medicine encompasses many aspects of philosophies, approaches and therapies of healing. Generally alternative medicine treatments are out of the mainstream practice of allopathic medicine. According to MedTerm dictionary, allopathic medicine is recognized as the treatment of disease through medicine and conventional forms of treatment. The use of alternative remedies and allopathic remedies is referred to as complementary medicine. Integrating alternative treatments into patients' plan of care makes for more complete benefits for the patient; therefore, being less damaging to the body, focusing on the patient as a whole, and helping to save money. Many people disbelieve holistic remedies and the positive impact it has on patient's health. Their argument is that there is not enough scientific support to prove that the remedies work. Another conversational aspect of holistic medicine is the effects it has on health, have the same effectiveness as placebo treatments; therefore, stating that results and cures are all in the mind of the patient. Lastly, some doctors and medical professional believe that certain aliments need allopathic treatment. .
             Although herbal remedies have been a prominent influence throughout the course of history, many believe that there is not enough formal training and scientific support to utilize homeopathic remedies. These beliefs are not entirely correct. The government has an agency that specifies on the research of alternative and complementary medicine. This organization is known as National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, also known as CAM. CAM has printed its Third Strategic Plan 2011-2015 called, Exploring the Science of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. In this document CAM explains their objectives in regards to alternative treatment.

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