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The Stages of Adolescence

             This paper explores some stage that occurs in adolescence life. Adolescence is the transitional stage of life, this transition involve physical, socio-emotional, and psychological. The articles, however, vary in their definitions and use some examples in how different culture celebrates the stage of adolescence more precisely the puberty. This paper examines the formulations of definitions clearly demarcating the age and characteristic of adolescent and all the recent phenomenon that can happened in every stage. The different aspects of pubertal timing and of weight were examined in relation to body image, global negative, depressive tendencies. Much research interest has devoted to reveal the psychosocial processes associated with the development of depressive symptoms during adolescence.
             Adolescence Stage.
             Adolescence is the process of life, and it represents one of the critical transitions in the life span. The adolescence stage starts just before the teenage years and end just after them. The adolescents have many physical issues to deal with, such as their bodies and their greater sexual interest. As adolescents pull away from their parents in a search for their own identity, and their friends become important. During adolescence the desire for independence and autonomy increase, and the parents become very worried about their children's reaction, instead of support and guide their teens throughout these amazing, but often difficult years. During the adolescence period, it occurs a mental and physical change that happened between childhood and adulthood. The period characterized by a combination of physical development change, that is the puberty, social-emotional development, and psychological development.
             The physical change is one of the stage in the period of adolescence. Although the early adolescent that is approximately in the age of 11 to 13 years old, the period of puberty begins with some physical changes, such as grow body hair, and skin.

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