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Native Americans - Respecting Their Role in American History

            Native Americans played a big role in American history. If you think about it, they were the first Americans. In the letter "The First Americans,"" the Grand Council of Fire writes a letter to the mayor of Chicago explaining as to how the Native Americans are being wrongly interpreted in American history. The Council explains how the Native Americans had a much larger role and are not necessarily the villains. They then go on to explain in detail what it is that the Native Americans did in history. The Grand Council does a good job in naming specific places and events that support their reasons as to why Native history should be re-told. In "Educating Sons," Chief Canassatego writes a letter to the Virginia College about how in order to live in their society, they need to be independent. The Chief then goes on to explain what it is that the men need to know and how the men that came back from the Virginia College had not exceeded their standings. Out of these two excerpts, I strongly feel that the Grand Council does a more effective job at giving more logical reasons and they convince me more that Native Americans really should be fairly represented in American history. They provide better details and use rhetorical devices better.
             "Tell them of Indians such as Black Partridge, Shabbona, and others who many saved the people of Chicago at great danger to themselves. This quote states that many Indians put Americans in front of themselves even though Americans haven't treated them fairly. This quote supports my first reason as to why I feel that the Grand Council does a more assertive job at convincing the audience that the Native Americans have done as many good things as Americans have in American history in the details that they provide me with. The details are more persuasive and more specific. They also do a good job of mentioning leaders. The facts that they provide can help people recall these incidents in history.

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