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The Great Gatsby - Jay Gatsby

             Scott Fitzgerald, is an intriguing story that paints a perfect picture of the 1920s. Fitzgerald's careful use of diction makes every character come to life, especially Jay Gatsby. Gatsby grew up by the name of James Gatz, and when his life changed, so did his name. He was in love with the fascinating Daisy Buchanan for five long years. As the story progressed, it became clear that he was more in love with the idea of Daisy, and unfortunately the feelings weren't as mutual as Gatsby hoped. At the end of the novel, Daisy was ultimately at fault for Gatsby's death. Although she didn't pull the trigger personally, she caused the chaos that resulted in Gatsby's demise. Throughout the novel, Gatsby proved to be a respectable man because of his admirable story, despite corruption and his naiveté. Primarily, Jay Gatsby wasn't fully introduced until chapter three. Everything leading up to his first introduction was a complete mystery. People told outrageous rumors and stories about him because nobody knew the truth or had any information regarding his life. Nick went to a party where he heard interesting speculations about Gatsby. Catherine, Myrtle's sister, told him several false tales. First she said, "Well, they say he's a nephew or cousin of Kaiser Wilhelm's. That's where his money comes from" (Fitzgerald 32). Gatsby wasn't in any way related to Kaiser Wilhelm; therefore, it became evident how incorrect these accusations were. As Nick and Catherine continued to talk, she also said, "I'm scared of him" (Fitzgerald, 32). Gatsby fully separated himself from people, so as an outcome, people got crazy ideas, like Catherine who said she was scared of him. Many other people also had outrageous thoughts about him, like one lady who said, "one time he killed a man" (Fitzgerald 61). As the book advanced, it became clear that these stories were entirely off when the real Gatsby was revealed.

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