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The Role of Love in an Ideal Society

            In the contemporary world, the foundation of an ideal society is love between the people that live in it, as it plays a tremendous and inescapable role in the cohesion of an ideal society. Everyone has felt love for a person, pet, or non-living thing at one time, or another. It is a very exceptional as well as significant word to all human beings. Every person has his/her individual thoughts regarding what love is. It is a steady theme of life that whose contribution in the ideal society is invaluable. This essay will examine the roles that love plays in the modern society. So, what is love? The word love includes many shades of emotions, friendliness, attachments that make it difficult for one to give a definite definition. In 1 Corinthians, Paul describes love in a comprehensive way. He identifies it as "a characteristic that is slow to lose the anger, not possessive, neither anxious to make an impression nor does it treasure ideas that are inflated for its importance" (1 Corinthians 13:4). He goes ahead to assert "the endurance of love has no limits, it has an eternal trust, non-vanishing hope, and that it can live much longer than anything" (1 Corinthians 13:7-8a). According to Augustine, in chapter 6 of the book "The City of God," a person who offers to love God, as well as his neighbor as himself, according to God is indisputable man of goodwill. He implies that love is obedience of the God, who created us. On the other hand, Marcus Tullius Cicero, in his article, "On Friendship," defines love through the dialogue between Fannius, Scaevola, and Laelius. Fannius opens the discussion by asserting "everyone from Rome has been inquiring on how Laelius is bearing after losing his friend" (1). Fannius' comment indicates that it is unbearable to lose friends, as a result of the love we share with them. From this statement, one can deduce that love brings human beings together, making it difficult for them to separate.

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