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Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS, Education and Community

            Identify and evaluate the relevant issues and priorities in safer sex education, in relation to children.
             The teaching of sexual education is a lifelong process of gaining information and developing attitudes, beliefs and values about the identity, relationships and intimacy of you as an individual and those you have relations with. It takes into account sexual development, reproductive and general health and safety, gender roles, intimacy, body image and relationships. The issues that are discussed within school-based sex education are appropriate to the student's age and developmental levels and capabilities. A good sex education programme needs to be respectful of the values and beliefs that are represented within the diverse communities through being open to many different views and interpretations. Sex education should aim to assist people in the necessary understanding of having a positive view of sexuality, through providing them with information and skills about taking care of their health, and to develop the skills to make decisions now and in the future, the use of particular published literature, views and opinions will be considered and evaluated in respect to these views. Looking particularly at the four primary goals of sex education; information, attitudes, values and insights, relationships and interpersonal skills and responsibility , which have been constructed by SIECUS, the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States. Other forms of sexual education for children programme that will be examined are the New South Wales Board of Studies Personal Development Health and Physical Education Years 7-10, Towards Wholeness: A Catholic perspective on personal development, Health and Physical Education years 7-10 and varied published journals and programmes constructed by UNAIDS. .
             Abstinence Argument.
             The Catholic Perspective.
             While already the New South Wales Board of Studies Personal Development Health and Physical Education syllabus includes, sex education.

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