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Social Justice and Injustice in Kenya

            Social injustice and justice in Kenya.
             (Moving from the Past into the Future).
             The dialogue that was presented Bishop Lawi Imathiu. The major topic of the dialogue was social, economic, and political injustice in Kenya. Bishop is spiritual and educational leader in Kenya, and he is also the founder of Kenya Methodist University. Through his work reverend changed the lives of a lot of people. In order to remove injustice from every aspect of live and society, reverend faced a lot of difficulties such as overthrow of government. The previous government did corruption. The results of their actions were increased rate of hunger, the increased rate of infected by HIV/AIDS. But, the hardest part was to unite tribal communities, who were lacking education. With them being uneducated, government did not face any obstacles in achieving their goals. According to reverend, it was more like dictatorship. Anybody who would oppose to the governmental actions was executed or killed.
             Governmental administration rooted only negative and unacceptable consequences to society. As I stated earlier, the corruption increased the rate of infected by HIV/AIDS and the rate of hunger and uneducated. Well, somebody had to bring the light in darkness. The major step in brining the light into darkness is to unite all people of Kenya. With their community and co-operation the second step is to remove the government. People took dramatic steps in changing their country and society. However, the task was successfully completed. The results of people's actions were the formation of new trusted government that was elected by people of Kenya, opening free schools, free assistance in health problem. After new government was established, the nation faced bigger problem which is HIV/AIDS. The only way to cue this disease is to give infected individuals medications, then educate then about disease in order to prevent its appearance in future.

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