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Painting - Moonlight Camping at Schroon Lake by Levi Wells Prentice

             The painting, "Moonlight Camping at Schroon Lake" (1890), by artist, Levi Wells Prentice, shows a very peaceful camping spot on Schroon Lake. The man in the image has a fire built and is relaxing by it under his cabin shelter on the lake. The moon is so bright and has a very bright reflection on the lake. There are woods surrounding the camp and the lake. There are also mountains in the background. There are also mountains, lake, trees, leaves, bark, rocks, grass, dirt, plants, stumps, guys, boats, limbs, cabin, boards, sticks, clouds, sky, moon, stars, hat, shirt, pants, logs, fire, and boulders.
             The painting shows a contrast of light and dark colors. The artist creates space by having the camp in the foreground and the lake goes to the back of the painting to create depth. The artist shows a lot of texture in the camp area in the foreground. The components of the trees, lake, and sky belong to one another. The focal point is the campground. The lake is what makes your eye travel to the back of the painting. This painting uses primary colors in the painting. The artist uses the greens to really make the trees and grass pop out at you. The variety of all the shapes and colors fit nicely with the subject of the painting. The proportion used in the painting does the painting justice. It's use larger trees in the foreground and smaller trees in the background to really set the depth of the painting off. The rhythm of the painting makes your eyes seem to really travel throughout the painting due to there being so many objects; your eyes try to catch everything that this painting has to offer in it. The painting uses 3 dimensional shapes for every element that this painting has. Textures are used through out the painting to really show every detail to the whole painting. .
             Interpretation .
             I think the painting is about enjoying the wilderness and its everyday noises. The camp and the lake are used as ways to get away and enjoy oneself.

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