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Antoine Lavoisier and the 18th Century Chemical Revolution

            Antoine Lavoisier was a French chemist and a central figure in the 18th century chemical revolution. He formulated a theory of the chemical reactivity of oxygen and co-wrote the modern system for the nomenclature of chemical substances.me. He is also known as the father of modern chemistry. Antoine was born into a wealthy family in Paris and inherited a large fortune at a very young age. He also received a formal education in law and literature. He studied sciences under some of the most influential scientists of his day. He was supposed to follow in his fathers footsteps and get a license to practice law in 1764 before he decided too study life science. He was inducted into the French Academy of Sciences for helping develop the first geological map of France and the main water supply of paris in 1769 when he was only 25.
             Antoine had many contributions and achievements in chemistry. He started researching combustion, respiration and calcination or oxidant of metals. His research discarded some of the outrageous combustion principal called phlogiston. He also conducted experiments that showed respiration was essentially a slow combustion of organic material using inhaled oxygen. His later researches included some of the first quantitative chemical experiments and he carefully weighed reactants and products in a chemical reaction too make the advancement of chemistry. He later discovered that components of water were just hydrogen and oxygen and that air was a mixture of gases that was primarily made of nitrogen and oxygen. There He studied science under wake up and get ready to go to my grandparents house in 2009 for a family gathering. We had made plans that Saturday to go to the family gathering about a month ago. we had to plan it so early because my godparents from Arizona were coming to the gathering with my cousins too. It would be there first time in about three years since their last visit, so everyone in our family had to go to see them again.

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