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Antoine Lavoisier

             Antoine Laurent Lavoisier was born on August 26th, 1743 into a wealthy Parisian family. As he grew older, his parents wanted him to attend college at College Mazarin for law. He never practiced law officially, but in 1768 Lavoisier did work for a company that collected tax money for the government, called Ferme Générale. At the age of twenty one, Antoine's real life began, and he had begun to fulfill some of his dreams. .
             At the age of twenty five he was accepted into France's Academy of Sciences, a prestigious school for the scientifically gifted. After being accepted, in 1771, he met a young French girl named Marie-Anne Pierette Paulze, the daughter of the owner of Ferme Générale. The were married in 1772 on July 16th, 1772. .
             As he began to step more and more into the world of chemistry, biology, and science, Lavoisier was making huge progress in the development of science and biochemistry. For instance, Lavoisier established the Law of Conservation of Mass, or in Laymen's terms, when you burn something and it either expands or contracts. He also wrote four books: "Considerations Generales sur la Nature des Acides- in 1778, "Reflexions sur le Phylogistique- in 1783, which explained the Phlogiston theory, and "Methods of Chemical Nomenclature."" in 1787 in which he came up with how he invented the system of Chemical nomenclature. Lavoisier's fourth and final book was "Traite Elementaire de Chimie,"" or the Elementary Treatice of Chemistry, in 1789. Traite Elementaire de Chimie became the first real science textbook to be used in schools across France and surrounding countries in Europe. .
             Lavoisier's inventions didn't stop there. In 1788, he invented Plaster of Paris, which is much like a formidable plaster that you can use for arts and crafts. He established the filing of the 33 elements, or the "Table of Elements."" Just as things were getting better, though, they took a turn for the worst.

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