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Hearts Of Darkness

             Hearts Of Darkness.
             It is Vietnam we were in the jungle," says Francis Ford Coppola in the documentary about the making of Apocalypse Now. This film was the adapting of Joseph Conrad novel Heart of Darkness, transferring its story to the heart of the Cambodian jungle. Francis claims that the film was the real war. It was a part of this life, his fear side. There was an enormous difficulty in the making of Apocalypse Now. No picture production wanted to invest in Coppola's project, because the story was based on the conflict in Vietnam during the War. He had to invest from is on pocket paying millions of dollars for cast members, crew productions and filming destinations. Week after week everything turned out to be catastrophic for Coppola and is crew. Martin Sheen the main character of the movie had a heart attack wile filming. The film was going over budget and over schedule. The actors were using drugs to forget their own problems. Coppola was having difficulty finding an ending for the story. He was losing is emotions, confused by everything; as Coppola himself noted that "There were too many of us, too much equipment and little by little we went insane". But nothing stopped Francis from making is movie and didn"t care about the consequences ahead of him. It took three years to complete Apocalypse Now, earned millions of dollars in box offices sales Worldwide and won the Palm d'Or award and a pair of Oscars. Apocalypse Now is the story of American soldiers in the Vietnam War jumped into the land of a communist governmental country, aiming to protect themselves and in the end only received death and chaos for their troops and for the majority of the country they were fighting against. It was a war gone mad, like all other wars, without purpose or dignity. It doesn't require any intellectual understanding, although the film is intellectually a masterpiece.

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