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America, Japan and Dropping Atomic Bombs

            The United States and Japan were already in a real detente during World War II. The duration of the war was taking much longer than expected due to Japan's prideful resistance like the kamikaze pilots which was the cause of many Japanese soldiers deaths. The United States had limited amount of options, if the United States would have invaded Japan, they would have lost many men and also would have killed many Japanese soldiers. Not only that but the citizens in Japan were preparing for an invasion if it were to happen the United States also would have had this consciousness on whether or not there would have succeeded in the invasion. Japan had already lost most of their supplies. They had very little if any left for them to use. Some believed that the United States could have spared them since it seemed as though they might have been in the direction of surrender. Despite whether or not Japan was ready to surrender, it was the right decision by the United States to drop the atomic bombs on Japan because it was more beneficial since it shortened the Pacific War. .
             Japan's lack of compliance was another great factor which lead the United States to use the atomic bombs. As stated by an ancient Samurai tradition, that said surrender was by all means unacceptable, because the emperor was greatly praised and could not be faced with the disappointment. With this being said, "Samurais were bound by a code of honor and were expected to set an example for those below them." (Source, 2.) This meant surrender was greatly frowned upon. Japan fought greatly and non cowardly since their utmost duty was to serve the emperor. There was no possible way in knowing whether they would or wouldn't surrender because ", the Japanese believed, however, that unconditional surrender would be the equivalent of national extinction. There are yet no indications that the Japanese are ready to accept such terms" (Source, 1.

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