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The Life and Art of Vincent Van Gogh

            Vincent Van Gogh was born on March 30th, 1853, in Groot-Zundert, Holland. Van Gogh had a father, who went by the name of Theodorus Van Gogh, who worked as a minister in a church, and a mother, who went by the name of Anna Cornelia Carbentus, who was an artist. Vincent was the eldest child in the Van Gogh family. He had 2 brothers and 3 sisters. The occupations in which the Van Gogh family normally leaned towards, were based on the subjects of art and religion. Between the years of 1864-1866, Van Gogh went through a variety of different schooling. By the age of sixteen, he received his first job as an art dealer, given to him by his uncle at Hague Gallery. After all the training was complete, he was transferred to London, and then to Paris. While during that time frame, Vincent had decided that art dealing was not desirable, and started a ministry of Miners of Borinage, which was located in Belgium. While helping the poor, he took interest in the peasant lifestyles, which can later be seen and represented in his art work. .
             In 1880, Vincent went back to school to become an artist, with the support of his brother Theo. He attended The Academic Royale-De-Deau of Art in Brussels, Belgium. From there, Van Gogh took his interest in becoming a professional artist to the next level. Van Gogh then began traveling to different places, and made a stop to his cousin Anton Mauve, to learn how to improve his skills. While learning, Van Gogh started a relationship with a pregnant prostitute named Sien Hoornik, which ultimately caused issues between him and Mauve, and ended their relationship. He went on to continue mastering his skills of drawing, regardless of the problems he had caused within the family.
             After a while, Vincent started getting irritable, and broke off his relationship with Sien Hoornik. He once again was on the move to learn from fellow artists such as Van Rappard, and Mauve to Drenth.

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