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Van Gogh's Starry Night

            Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night intrigues me with his playful use of lines. At first glance, it may seem almost childlike, but when you look closely, Van Gogh has used each individual line to shape and form a whole image. This to me is amazing because a person truly loses the full impact of this painting when they view Starry Night on a small scale. When Van Gogh places each line they start to form the picture of a universe in constant motion and a static earth. .
             I absolutely love the emotion portrayed in this painting. The sky is constantly moving and the swirling lines of the heavens focus the viewer's eyes upward. Isn't that what Van Gogh wants us to see and feel? Pushing us towards nature and our inner self. I could stare and dream about Starry Night all day and never tire of it. This piece of art makes me want to crawl inside of it and jump from roof top to roof top. I want to dance in the streets of this fabricated town and watch the sunset last forever. Van Gogh was a man with a vision and it's executed beautifully in Starry Night. .
             The landscape almost looks like it is on fire to me, and the moon and the stars actually glow. One of the best parts of Starry Night is the sky that has swirling lines almost like flowing locks of hair. The tree in the foreground is shown with a spire shape like nature's first place of worship. Van Gogh really takes us to a spiritual place. However, the church, which is the main focus of village life, seems so very small. The spire on the house of worship in the village seems small compared to the spire of the tree symbol, of the divinity of the vast earth. Could it be that the earth itself is a house of worship inspired by the spire of the tree? The moon is glowing and eternally bright. In my mind, Van Gogh takes me to a mysterious town whose secrets I want revealed. Even someone who doesn't consider themselves an art connoisseur would surely find suspense in Starry Night.

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