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Starry Night

             The Starry Nights, what a gorgeous and passionate painting that expresses a true artists view of the world. When I first encountered this painting I was taken back by Vincent Van Goghs usage of yellows and blues. At first I did not know what to make of it, it did not make any since to me. It is just amazing this is what he saw through his eyes, something not many people could so until he put his vision on canvas.
             I personally think that "The Starry Nights" is one of the most spectacular paintings I have ever seen. Usually I am not one to be in ah of art, art is not usually something that catches my eye. I like the way he uses his colors on the canvas, they seem to flow so well swirling together to give off strong feelings. When I look at the painting of this town off in the distance, I feel calmness and tranquility. The town looks so peaceful in the background and slightly off to the right of center if the painting, in the early hours of the evening. The homes in the small town are elaborately colored, which seems to give off the reflection of the stars. As if it where they where in the horizon when in reality the sky does seem to change colors. I think the homes are also colored with purples, blues, and reds to keep the onlookers attention as they look from the two major points in the paintings. If the houses where not so elaborately decorated or placed I for one would be more focused on the sky or the tree in the foreground. .
             The two major points on the painting for me is the tree in the foreground and the huge fiery sun in the right top corner of the painting. The tree first off seems to just take up a good amount of the painting, which forces the onlooker to gaze at it. I feel the tree is there to give a good indication as to how far Vincent Van Gogh may have been when he painted the town, as well as a scale for the homes in the distance. Having such a close object allows the reader to see the depth and feel the colors radiate as one looks left to right.

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