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Starry Night by Van Gogh

            A mono-toned starry night with twisty, long lines and cracked short lines unexpectedly generates a wonderful sight. It states darkness in the artist's soul. The artist of the painting is none other than Vincent Willem Van Gogh, who is a famous Dutch post-Impressionist painter. He drew the painting in an asylum at Saint-Remy, France, in 1889. He cut off his own ear, and then he was sent to the asylum, which was the reason that he created the Starry Night in an asylum.
             This masterpiece has been collected and exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City since 1941. The background of this painting is still under debate. Some scholars think this paint is an outside view of the hospital he was in, while others think that the painting is from his memory and mind, and not real. In many viewers' eyes, the Starry Night is just a simple night painting, but the fact is that it is famous for having many different symbolic contents and colors.
             The painting is called the Starry Night, and just as the name implies, it is on bestrewing many stars sky. From the Starry Night, there is the dark blue sky full of some swirling clouds, many shining stars, and a luminous moon. Those lines that are like eddies looks as if clouds, stars, and the moon are moving so that it keeps the views' eyes moving to follow after those objects. These kinds of lines in painting can create fantastic visuals and change viewers' souls. But in fact, the picture is actually motionless, and it is only the human's mind that makes the picture appear to be in motion. The continuously rolling clouds and stars indicate that the inner-world of Van Gogh is tangled like them. At first, he can clearly draw those objects as usual, while he paints them in an expected way; such an idea is mostly from his mind that is filled with hesitation whether he should tell the viewers that he is suffering from insanity. Every line in the painting represents the artist's sentiments at that time.

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