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Globalization and the Alienation of Man

             Globalization and capitalism can be paired up together. They work hand in hand in bringing those changes in our society today and we know that us people are really affected by it. One of its effects to us is the alienation of man. According to Karl Marx, the history of mankind is a history of the increasing development of man, and at the same time of increasing alienation. In this paper, I would support Marx's concept of alienation of labor as the effect of capitalism and globalization and I also aim to point out his ideas on how man becomes alienated in our society today.
             Karl Marx is considered as the father of "communism." He has contributed so much in understanding the laborĀ in relation to capitalism and the alienation of man. The negation of productivity according to Marx is alienation. For him, alienation means that man does not experience himself as the superior of objects that is around him but instead he becomes passive about the world and also to his own self which separates man from the object that could lead to man becoming foreign to the world. The process of alienation is the root of work and the division of labor. Work is the process of man relating to nature, the creativity of man through nature and also through his own being. But because of capitalism, labor loses its function which is to articulate man's creativity and instead leads man to be separated to his product, his own desire and own will.
             The root cause of the alienation of man is behind the world "globalization." To define it first, globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology. Our world today is interconnected with one another for the reason that globalization is present. Even the smallest continent up to the largest and most prosperous continent can interact with one another and can be much closer no matter how far they are because of globalization.

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