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Blaming the Victim - The Crips and the Bloods

             The documentary "Crips and Bloods: Made in America," allows the viewer to get a glimpse into the problem that is the black man. The black man is America's nightmare. What America doesn't want to accept is that America is the cause of the problem. The overt and covert racism aimed at the black man since slavery has created a culture of angry men. America's solution to this problem is to ignore the past and punish the victims of their racism. Americans conveniently forget the brutal assault and harassment aimed at keeping the black man isolated from society and making them feel inferior. In this essay I will examine the problem and Americans solution and the real solution.
             Blaming the Victim.
             The black inner city community is faced with an alarming number of violent crimes, poverty and is beginning to self-destruct. The biggest issue is that one can seem to understand why this is happening. Black on black crime is all you see on the news and the newspaper. Unemployment rates are extremely high for the young males, according to a study conduct by Fox News "92 percent of black male teenagers between the ages of 16-19 years old are not employed" (Flannery, 2014). Jails are filled with young black men; a lot of them are fathers. Instead of trying to figure out why these young black men are so violent and criminal, we just want to punish them. In this essay I will explain how the movie "Crips and Bloods: Made in America" shows that America is to blame for the destruction of the black community and the cause of the violence.
             Society has cast the black man away, restricted him from areas and resources with brutal violence then ask why we are so violent. Bird an interviewee in the film "Crips and Bloods explained "Growing up in Los Angeles he wanted to be a Boy Scout, but he could not because he was black" (2008). The Boy Scouts who stood for what America labels everything right and honorable refuse to accept a young man because he was black.

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