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Ethnic Differences and Achievements in Education

             Assess the importance of school factors such as racism and pupils' responses to racism in creating ethnic differences in achievement. (20 mks).
             Response .
             There are two types of racism that goes on in schools (internally). Individual racism is based on labelling and teacher racism where pupils of different ethnicities other than white British are seen as being far from the ˜ideal pupil'. For example, black pupils are seen as disruptive and Asian pupils are seen as passive. Therefore this will lead teachers into thinking that there is no point in dealing with these pupils and will give up on them as they are seen as ˜hopeless cases'. On the other hand, institutional racism is based on the way established institutions such as schools and colleges operate in regard to different ethnic minorities. A sociologist found that school governing bodies often gave little or no priority to race issues and did not deal with racist behaviour. For example, nothing is done about parents' concern over lack of language support. Therefore, this shows that institutions fail to recognize that there is a problem of racial discrimination in their schools and tend to ignore what is happening, either consciously or not. A way to deal with this is to have members of staff of ethnic minorities which will hopefully improve the attention given to racism and reduce the frequency of individual racist discrimination, as teachers will be of ethnic minorities too, therefore will empathize with pupils of different ethnicities and they will pay attention to racism and report it or do something about it.
             Another school factor (or internal factor) that may be important in creating ethnic differences in achievement would be the ethnocentric curriculum promoted by most schools in the country.

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