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Notes on The Truman Show

             How would people know that their lives are only a TV show if there were no clues as to an outside reality, that is, if they remained on the set from birth to death?.
             Response .
             This movie relates to Plato's cave theory of how some people stayed in the cave their whole lives and only a few got to go outside and witness reality. Truman Burbank living life normally without knowing he is being filmed for thirty years is unnatural. Truman lived the cave concept by forcing himself that reality is a TV show with all the hidden cameras and thinking the actors in his TV show are his actual family. Not knowing that there are five thousand hidden cameras documenting his life and being controlled by Christof is upsetting allowing to think reality is just a TV show that people been watching. Not everyone wants to show their daily personal lives to around the world. Truman already had accepted the actors and everything else as reality just like the cave prisoners accepted the shadow and light as reality because they have been living like that for so long or since birth. .
             Question Two.
             Could an omnipotent God preordain our lives so that we have the illusion of free choice but are actually performing according to a script?.
             Christof, the creator of the Truman Show plays as the omnipotent God and he does preordain Truman's life by directing camera mans to film him to wherever he goes. Truman eventually developed an illusion of free choice by doing whatever he wants just like an ordinary person but by not knowing he is being filmed. Christof became comfortable of documenting Truman's life that they have been seeing each other daily allowing Truman to do whatever he wants while Christof and his crew are following a script. He also told him that he would never lie to Truman. Also, Christof killing Truman's acting father off the TV show was to prevent Truman from exploring and continuing his fear of water.

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