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An Analysis of Michael Beschloss The Conquerors

            The Conqueror's by Michael Beschloss .
             World War II is one of the most intensively studied conflicts in history.
             and nearly sixty years after its end, new information is still emerging. The Conquerors describes the politics surrounding the war. The purpose of this book is to uncover the actions and strategies of First Franklin Roosevelt and then Harry Truman. This book allows the American people to hear private conversations and letters of historical giants.
             A central theme in the book is the destruction of the idea of Hitlers's Germany rather than the physical army. The physical army could have been dealt with in many ways. But the notion of what Germany stood for is what worried Roosevelt Bechloss discusses what actions will be taken against Germany after the war; if it will be divided or not and how to sufficiently reprimand them with out creating the kind of resentment that brought about Hitler. As allied forces fought Germany in public eye, Roosevelt and later Truman fought Churchill and Stalin in private on the best way to ensure that Germany can never threaten the world again. Roosevelt and Truman knew that to punish the German people to harshly would bring about the creation of another Hitler or possibly an alliance with Russians which would lead to Communism. It would seem from the modern day events that the President's decisions directly resulted in the peaceful and stable country that Germany is today. .
             Bechloss believes that Roosevelt was reluctant to deal with the atrocities that were committed against the Jews by the Germans. By uncovering many of these hidden fact Bechloss wants to show Amreica that more could have been done during and after the war. The Morgenthau plan drafted by Henry Morgenthau a Jew and a close friend to FDR, was created as a step by step plan to deal with Germany after the war. Moregentau believed that Germany should become a land of farming. His first step is the demilitarization of Germany.

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