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Democracy and Establishing the Islamic State

            The fundamentals for a well-established democracy requires the government to protect individual and minority rights to allow the public's freedom of speech. It also requires an actively involved government to ensure all citizens receive equal protection and treatment under the governing law. In recent global events, successful revolutions have taken place against absolute rulers who had held power for such a great time in Egypt and Tunisia. Throughout 2011, and early 2012, Tunisia had become and electoral democracy and Libya had successfully dethroned their dictator from power. Although challenges exist for countries which have not yet had an uprising to install a democratic policy, it is possible for the Arab Spring to lead neighbouring countries towards a democratic society. Islam as the primary institution of religion in these Arab countries has brought up a culture of submissiveness to authoritative figures. In the first example, Tunisia's transition into becoming an electoral democracy was not an easy one, as it was the first Arabic electoral democracy since Lebanon had established one earlier on in the 1970s. Tunisia's effort to overthrow their dictator and establish that democracy is very important historically as it has influenced neighbouring Arab countries to revolute towards democracy. In the case of Egypt, the revolution lasted eighteen days and included massive protests to get President Hosni Mubarak to step down after having thirty years of power. The transition into a new political system is a much harder process than just overthrowing the leader. The challenges of democratization of the Islamic World varies between different countries, as each has their own history and own current political system. The prospects look promising as the Arab Springs still continue to happen and spread amongst the countries in the Islamic World.
             The transition towards democratization in the Arab Springs appears to still be unstable and uncertain even though there have been many changing prospects.

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