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Politics and Muhammad Ali Jinnah

            Pakistan came into being on 14 august 1947 on the basis of Islamic Ideology under the leadership of Quad-e-As am Muhammad Ali Jinnah. So, the first influential factor on Pakistan`s earlier policies was Jinnah (The founding father). The Jinnah got a very short time span of only 1 year to serve the state. But even in that time, he worked for almost all the major state challenges. He led down basis for several policies like constitution, foreign affairs, fiscal affairs, ideology of state, system of governance and many others. Jinnah combined modern intellect with basic principles if Islam and gave concept of international peace and literary enlightenment. Jinnah said, "Our foreign policy is one of the friendliness and good will towards the world. We do not challenge good desires against any country and believe in farewell and honesty in the international dealings".
             Jinnah gave some major concepts for Pakistan`s foreign policy. According to him Pakistanis foreign policy must be centric towards domestic and domestic peace; prosperity at national and international level; upholding the charter of UNO and finally providing moral and materialistic support for all oppressed and suppressed nations. Moreover, Jinnah called Pakistan a "liberal Muslim democratic state". Liberalism, Islam and democracy are the three different things but according to Jinnah it was the suitable system that Pakistan could have. He believed that Islam is depicted through one`s deeds, there is no need to make it a national religion. He named Pakistan a liberal state as he believed in helping oppressed and suppressed people and democracy we know, it goes side by side with liberation.
             Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a keen observer of politics. He appreciated and criticized various nations according to their role. Jinnah (All India Muslim league) had supported allied powers in world war-II as the fascist were totally contrasting the ideology of Pakistan.

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