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Little-Known Facts About Our American First Ladies

             George Washington's wife was the first to be given the title "lady" by the press, as in "Lady Washington," and the first wife of a president to appear on U.S. postage stamp.
             Abigail Adams.
             John Adams' wife urged her husband to "remember the ladies" when he was writing the nation's Declaration of Independence in 1776. She also was the first woman to be both a president's wife and the mother of a president, and the first to live in the White House.
             Martha Jefferson.
             No known portrait exists of Thomas Jefferson's wife, who died 18 years before her husband was elected president. Their daughter Martha Jefferson Randolph served as White House hostess, and was the first to give birth in the presidential mansion in Washington, D.C.
             Dolley Madison.
             James Madison's wife is the only first lady given an honorary seat on the floor of Congress, and was the first American to respond to telegraph message-sent by inventor Samuel Morse. .
             Elizabeth Monroe.
             1768-1830 .
             James Monroe's wife ended the custom of a president's wife making the first social call on the wives of other officials in Washington - and the insulted women boycotted her White House receptions.
             Louisa Adams.
             John Quincy Adams' wife was the only first lady born in a foreign country-England. She played the harp, wrote satirical plays and raised silkworms.
             Rachel Jackson.
             Andrew Jackson's wife was a bigamist, having married Jackson before she was divorced from her first husband. She died after Jackson was elected president but before his inauguration. Her niece Emily Donelson served as White House hostess during most of the Jackson administration.
             Hannah Van Buren.
             Martin Van Buren's wife-his second cousin-died 18 year before her husband was elected president. Their daughter-in-law Angelica Van Buren served as White House hostess during the last two year of the Van Buren administration.

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