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Media, Marketing and Consumerism

             Media marketing plays a very important role in communicating the message from the seller of product to the consumers. It helps the company in distinguishing its brand from the competitors and also the consumer in making the purchase decision. It started from cave painting and homing pigeons, which was the earliest form of communication and evolved over a period of time to other forms such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television, internet and promotional media campaigns.
             Over the period of time traditional media has been used along with the modern communication mediums so as to better communicate and deliver the message more effectively (Bergstrom, 2012). A media market is known as the region where the communication occurs between the buyer and seller through any form of media communication mediums. With the effect of globalization these regions may overlap and the people of one market can also receive the content from surrounding market. As different people access different mediums and have different needs the marketer has to use more than one media channel of communication (Kulshreshtha, 2013). At times a trade-off between different media forms has to be done as they involve huge costs and resource to the companies.
             Role of Media Marketing.
             All media channels focus on different needs of people, where words & photos are important for newspapers and magazines; radio requires a voice that has an impact on mass audience.
             Today the companies face a huge challenge in marketing their products due to overload of advertisements, with all trying to persuade the customers in making the purchase. Customers are not able to recall many of these communications and purposely avoid many of them as they do not create an impact on them. Marketers have to be very innovative in promoting their products as it involves lot of risks and monetary as well as non-monetary costs. With time brands are getting more consumer importance and these will act as the distinguishing factors in marketing the products and services (Pulizzis, 2013).

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