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Reducing Added Sugars

            Although Americans love sugar, to lower obesity rates the amount of added sugar in common household foods should be drastically reduced. According to Ryan Jaslow, chronic diseases contribute to thirty-five million deaths worldwide. Over the past fifty years sugar consumption has tripled. Harvard School of Public Health Researchers believe that reducing sugar in beverages would reverse the obesity epidemic. As one can see, the majority of people admit there is an obesity epidemic and something needs to be done to help reduce and control it. .
             Many people believe they are completely capable of choosing what foods to eat without a ban or regulation set. These people are usually the ones that are uneducated about what they are consuming. According to Dr. Mercola, nine of the ten healthiest nations in the world are also the nine of the ten most obese nations. The largest most successful companies are successful because of their excellent taste. For large companies it is easier to get a better taste by adding more sugar rather than adding tasteful herbs that replace sugar. It is believed that obesity is the root of diseases but, Ryan Jaslow says that forty percent of average weight people developing diseases. He also states, Obesity is not the cause, rather, it is a marker. In society, there are thirty percent more obese people than malnourished people. It does not seem like a large amount but it is steadily increasing. What many people do not know is most added sugar comes from high fructose corn syrup. You find a vast amount of corn syrup in sports drinks, soda, and fruit punch. Any tax placed on sugar would be a huge boost to the corn industry which would lead to more corn syrup in drinks and foods. Many companies are taking some steps in reducing sugar, Pepsi introduced, Pepsi Next, which contains sixty percent less sugar than traditional Pepsi. Since nineteen ninety-eight calories per serving have went down twenty three percent.

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