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Healthy Baking

            The word baking is not usually associated with baking. In fact, the word baking usually brings thoughts of, sugar, butter, and lots of cream to mind. Not only are sweets rewarding in taste, but also they are also the most eye coughing foods. The excitement experienced from seeing ideal dessert can only be compared to a child's excitement in a toy store. Baking will never be considered as healthy as exercise and vegetables, but it does not have to be the death of your diet either. Dessert can be enjoyed on the strictest of diets. Healthy baking is not an oxy moron, like most believe it to be. If the correct substituted are used almost any baked good can be made with zero saturated fat, and little to no sugar.
             Sugar is considered a young food. It has only been apart of the human diet since the 1500s. The human body turns energy into liquid energy to store for later use. Sugar contains no fat, but it the easiest thing for ones body to use for energy, and it will pass up valuable nutrients for sugar. Consider a human body as a very lonely man, and sugar a homeless tramp. The body will take the sure thing every time, over having to work harder for a healthier decision. There are two forms of sugar. Intrinsic sugar, which occurs naturally in food during photosynthesis. It is responsible for the sweetness in fruits and vegetables. Extrinsic Sugar is added during the preparation of food. Extrinsic sugars should be substituted for intrinsic sugars, because they offer essential vitamins, minerals, fibers, and oils. The average American consumes over one hundred pounds of sugar a year. Over two-thirds of that sugar is extrinsic sugar. Since both kinds of sugars provide the same energy value, nothing is lost in the switch. Chemical sugar substitutes are a dime a dozen. There are over a dozen different kinds. Artificial sweeteners are the most common sugar substitute. There only health definite is that they usually have zero calories, and zero carbohydrates.

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