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Short Story - Safe Heaven

            The morning I woke up knowing that I was dreaming, I convinced myself to write about Safe Heaven, the place I can't forget. I convinced myself to describe it before I could no longer remember its beauty and peacefulness. Safe Heaven was a place full of magic, fascinating views and it was a privilege being there. It was the summer of 1983 that I got lost into the dark forest with four of my friends. I still can hear my fast and frightened breathing and feel my heart pumping in my head as I ran along the others trying to get out of the dark. Back then I was a skinny 14 years old boy wanting to have some fun. That hot summer the five of us went looking for that mystic pond in the dark forest everybody talked about but no one could ever find. Well I did, and by mistake may I say. We got lost and spent hours trying to find our way back. The sun came down so it was dark, I just could feel the trees around me and smell the dampness. I felt sick and breathless, I didn't find my voice to call for the others so I stayed behind. Maybe my friends did not notice I was not with them because they were as afraid as I, so they were gone. I was trying to catch my breath when I saw it next to me, it was like a pond, but instead of dark water what I saw was a reflection from another world. The image was charming, captivating, and beautiful. I was gazed, with my fear forgotten by the beauty of the pond. .
             The water was calling me, inviting me to get in. It was no ordinary pond and I did not care whether if it was deep or not. I took my shoes off and submerged myself. To my surprise it was deep, but the sweet water suddenly became salty, and was no longer warm, it was cold but not freezing. Around me the cold darkness extended beyond what my eyes could distinguish, I knew I was no longer in a "pond". I wanted to get out and breathe, I looked up submerged into what seemed to be the ocean and saw light, a distorted sky so I tried to reach for the surface.

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