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The Puritan Dilemma - The Story of John Winthrop

            In Edmund Morgan's book, "The Puritan Dilemma," he discusses the life of John Winthrop and how Winthrop influenced the development of the Massachusetts Bay Company. The author explain in depth the type of leader John Winthrop became and the social, political, and economic structures that made the "Puritan experiment" an accomplishment. John Winthrop was the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Company and he brought colonists hopes high through difficult times. During Winthrop time as governor he has been voted out of office several times. That didn't stop him from largely serving his people. John Winthrop started his journey when he became a Puritan. Morgan stated that Puritanism was "only a belief that the Church of England should be purged of its hierarchy and the traditions and ceremonies inherited from Rome (5). "To Winthrop, Puritanism means living in the world but not taking his mind off God." .
             Through his journey Winthrop struggles with life as a family man, church member, and leader. He had little time for his family as he gathered ships and passengers for his journey to New England. Overall, Winthrop develops into a greatly talented leader who was respected by many Puritans. The time Winthrop served in office he came under criticism from time to time. He was mostly criticized for opposing the extension of rating franchise to all freemen. Through all the tough times Winthrop was able to lead the Puritans to settle in New England where they had an influence on the political situations of American society (Morgan 36). .
             Winthrop faces many economic, social, and political factors through his attempt to make the "Puritan experiment" an accomplishment. Morgan states, "If he could do it better in New England than in old, that was good reason for moving. (35)." John Winthrop starts by composing a series of serious legal documents on the migration to New England.

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