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America Firsthand Book Report

             Marcus and David Burner is written in distinct detail about several accounts by American colonists that are written and relay what it was like in the colonies during the first couple decades. The accounts describe how teenagers, men, and women, all in their own way, questioned society, religion, and government in order to improve themselves and have their own effects on a changing county. The author compares and contrasts religious, political, and social issues that were dealt with during the early 1800's.
             In part one the author introduces the encounters of Indians and Europeans, starting with lectures from Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci, and concluding with descriptions of the New World from the first settlers. This ranges from the years 1493 to times of the first settlers. Here Christopher Columbus explains to the royalty his discover in the Indies and his plans on conquering it. Part two relates the experiences in the colonies, describing the early American life with vivid examples of readings. In this chapter, the author provides the letters that John and Margaret Winthrop wrote to each other expressing their love according to the puritan life. Also one of the most amazing stories is the one of Benjamin Franklin, whose exemplary life led me to read his Autobiography later on. This part also relates the story of Olaudah Equiano when he was kidnapped to become a slave. Having gone past the American life, Marcus and Burner now gets involved with the era of revolution. In chapter three some readings about the atrocities committed in the Boston Massacre and the shay's rebellion, made me realize why and how the revolutionist wanted out from British dominion. This is related from the point of view of Thomas Preston, who was a British officer, and George R. twelves from the Boston Gazette, showing with it both sides of the story.

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