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Righteous Retribution Dressed in Red White and Blue

            In a third-floor room at the Walsh Hall dormitory on the Boston College campus, two of my roommates scuffle over the right to wear an a American Flag. "A", a sophomore at BC, had the idea to wear the flag as a cape. Upon seeing "A" draped in the flag, fellow sophomore "N" demands that "A" return his flag so that he can wear it. "Of course I want to wear my flag; we got him!" yells "N". The "him" subject "N" refers to is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Tsarnaev is one of two "Marathon Monday" bombers whom had single-handedly shut down the city of Boston and several of its suburbs, within which Boston College is located, for nearly 24 hours, as a manhunt ensued after a shootout between bombers Jahar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev with the Boston Police force. The manhunt confined my roommates and I to our third floor dorm room, glued to a television tuned to Fox News, awaiting the imminent capture of Dzhokhar. The imposing sound of Black Hawk helicopters flying overhead, rumors of snipers perched atop our humble Walsh Hall residents, and the police officers standing guard outside created an atmosphere I can only compare to what I assume a warzone is like. At the moment of Jahar's capture, a roar could be heard throughout Boston College's campus that reverberated with American pride. My roommates and I beamed with pride. We had won! America had won! We scrambled, garbing ourselves in whatever red, white, and blue we could find. Those who had American flags wore them around their necks like capes and joined the rest of our Boston College compatriots. Thousands of students mobilized, all dressed in their best display of American pride like ourselves, and descended upon the social epicenter of Boston college-the senior modular housing -- mods for short -- located in the center of campus. Students waving American flags, chanting, and pulsing together, occupied every table, grill, and second story window.

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