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Red or Blue

             There are some standard, recognized meanings for each .
             color, but people have different perceptions and meanings for each them.
             Red is a color that really sparks my interest. Many things on earth are depicted by this .
             color. Many people like blue, but I am a red person. There are many different tints of this color, .
             ruby, cherry, burgundy, crimson and scarlet, to name a few. It symbolizes strength, willpower, .
             and determination. Red is a vibrant color quick to both passion and anger. It can also symbolize .
             negative things such as anger, war, hatred, and killing.
             Blue is another versatile color, as different shades of blue are used to represent different .
             things. The lighter shades of blue are often used to represent air and the intellect. The medium to .
             darker shades often symbolize water and emotion. Positive aspects of blue are tranquility, peace, .
             enthusiasm, hope, clear thought, and good emotions. Negative aspects include hopelessness, .
             depression, apathy, and emotional or mental turmoil. .
             There are many emotions that are depicted by the color red. In the emotion of love,.
             there is the heart. When people see hearts they usually think of Valentines Day. To the people .
             of the United Stated this is a holiday that to many people has red in it, roses, blushing, and cupid .
             to mention a few. There is also the emotion of anger. Anger is portrayed in cartoons with the .
             color red. Usually this is a emotion that is associated in these animations with fire, blood, and .
             the devil.
             Things that have to do with safety are usually portrayed as crimson or deep red. The stop .
             signs that are on the roads that we travel daily, and the brake lights that symbolize that we are .
             stopping at the sign glow red. Emergency vehicles, with sirens blaring, warn people of dangers, .

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