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Blue Ocean Strategies

             An example of this book is the Cirque du Soleil, we will see throughout the development of the book. This circus was founded in 1984, has traveled ninety cities in the world and his show has been seen by over forty million viewers. Its growth is due to an attractive industry, the power of the negation of the stars and the power of buyers was not given was strong and growing industry reduced its income. Cirque du Soleil does not win customers away circuses, I think a previously unknown market space where competition was not important and the customers were different. But I win that businesses should stop competing with each other and to understand a competitive world will believe. This universe has two parts blue ocean and red ocean.
             Blue Ocean: are all industries that do not yet exist and is positioned an unknown market space. Create demand and opportunities, arises when the red oceans expands its borders.
             Strategies: are not well defined.
             Red Ocean: are all presently existing industries and is positioned at a known market space.
             Strategies: low cost, differentiation, focus and referencing.
             Impact of creating blue oceans:.
             The strategic move: is the drive to study the roots of profitable growth, creating blue oceans and sustained high performance. Then the strategic move is the decisions and actions to be taken by management to produce a large range leading to the creation of a market.
             Value Innovation: a different strategic logic is conventional, a case is the cornerstone of blue ocean strategy, this happens when companies align innovation with utility. The price and cost positions, seeking to create more value to customers at a lower cost.
             We can create blue oceans made only with lower costs, raise the value to buyers.
             Six Principles of blue oceans:.
             1. Principle of development: the reconstructed market boundaries, focuses on the big picture and not numbers, you rebuild market boundaries, going beyond existing demand and develops the strategic sequence right.

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