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Consumer Behavior - Students and Restaurant Selections

             Learnings from Quantitative Research .
             2 Present IIML Customers And Perceived Reasons For Change: .
             4 Additional amenities to address need gap:. 14 .
             5.5 Managerial Problems faced: . 14 .
             6. Recommendations . 15 .
             7. Bibliography . 16 2 .
             Executive summary: .
             Through this project we tried to analyze which factors affect the restaurant choosing behavior of IIML students. Based on the survey the following were held to positively influence the behavior. Ambience (82%) services (84%) food variety (91%) and food quality (94%) were rated as important parameters (above 2 on a likert scale of 4) that are considered before selecting a restaurant. Whereas Discount, Location and Price were rejected during hypotheses testing hence had no significant impact in selection intention. .
             For analyzing what affects the students the most these parameters were divided into 2 categories benefits and cost, where benefits leads to value and cost to effort. Combination of effort and value leads to behavioral intention. During the research very contradictory results were obtained. It was really interesting to know that the behavior at IIML is different as effort has almost no importance in choosing a restaurant. Students choose those restaurants which have higher value to offer even though more effort (in terms of cost) is required. They are also extremely concerned about the food quality and services. In addition to quantitative research, several interviews with restaurant owners and managers were conducted to provide context for our findings. .
             People generally have the tendency to show variety-seeking behavior when it comes to restaurant. But in case of Lucknow the students do not have many options hence they prefer restaurants with more food variety. We also found that recommendations (online/friends) which are generally considered effective do not have a large impact in this case. Students do not consider online ratings or views as an important parameter.

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