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The Banking Concept of Education - Dehumanizing Students

            Over the course of many years in the education system, along with the help of Pablo Freire's The "Banking" Concept of Education, it is becoming more noticeable that students have suffered from narration sickness and loss of creativity. The ability to be creative dies off in the classroom when the students submit their work for the teacher's scrutiny; thus not allowing the students to discuss and question one another, giving them the opportunity to open their minds and think for themselves rather than being "containers," according to Freire. One quality that Freire touches on is, "the teacher chooses and enforces his choice, and the students comply" (319). Where is the ability to think for oneself in the situation? This clearly shows that the education system is filling the minds of the young with copious amounts of information, dulling creativity to the point of inability to simply think for themselves. In America's education system, there is still difficulty in exercising freedom to express exactly one's own opinion of works and have unique responses to it, and share those responses. It is as though the teachers/professors are simply copying and pasting information from book to mind without allowing discussion and freedom of thought. Ever since innovation, numerous people failed and failed again to come to the conclusion that a certain way, thought, or equation does not work. And what ever came of trial and error? Creativity. Humans have gained such a concept for the mere fact that sitting and taking notes in a square classroom does not allow them to think for themselves; it only dulls and weakens such a beautiful thing, the mind. It is as though we become zombies filled with dates, names, and opinions of others, not of ourselves and only being able to regurgitate what was taught. It is the ability to be creative and innovative that allows us to be human, and different from one another.

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