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A World Against Thomas More's Ideas

             The world is full of cruelty and injustice. Especially these manners of behavior are seen among the people of power towards the people of lower levels of hierarchy. When governors apply all of their efforts with all types of methods just and unjust to maintain the power in their hand, people surrounding them are trying their best to be in their place. As a result of these games of power, suffer commoners. No doubt that this rude political system discussed above stimulated More to create his own ideas about perfect social and political system which he then explained in his "Utopia". When James McConica wrote about Thomas More, he said "A dedicatory letter written by Erasmus in May 1506 suggests that it was More's Idea that in addition to their translations both of them write a Latin reply to the Tyrannicida, which is thus the work among the four he translated in which More showed more explicit interest. It posed a complex problem in legal morality, touching on the place of the tyrant in the community." [1]. We can say from that More had ideas against tyranny before writing "Utopia". Moreover, we also know from history that More was prosecuted and then executed to being against king Henry VIII's new "Act of Supermacy" which gave him a lot of power. So, it is evident that More had ideas against fundamental political system in his country at that time and wrote a book that has changed the view about governance system. In this essay I will talk about Thomas More's ideas about characteristics of perfect governor and his military matters from "Utopia", after analyze them by comparing with Niccolo Machiavelli' view supported by examples from recent history and world. .
             There is no state without governor. Of course, an ideal state must have an ideal governor. According to More, nation choose governor not for his benefit, but for their own.

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