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Proposal for Online Voting

            The internet is changing everyones expectations around speed and the convenience with which all government services and elections should be delivered. We use the internet to shop, bank, and maintain our social and professional networks on websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and now looking to transition our educational system to online classes. Since 2012, when the State of California introduced its fully integrated online voter registration system, Californians have been using the internet to register to vote . We are moving towards giving all of our citizens the access to be able to vote online; given that our banking and credit, as well as other transactions which requires security to protect personal information are now routinely performed in the virtual world especially given that banking and other transactions requiring security to protect personal information are now routinely performed in the virtual world. Questions about Internet voting have sparked a vibrant debate, as policy makers, election officials, computer experts, academics, technology moguls and interested members of the public discuss the potentially far-reaching implications of this form of voting for the security, transparency and integrity of voting and counting processes. One of the biggest concerns has come from prominent security and e-law experts who have expressed their concerns about the suitability of the Internet as a voting platform . .
             The potential benefits and risks of online voting are discussed in terms of four of the core democratic principles that will shape modern electoral systems: Higher voter turn-out, Electoral process benefits, social issues, and security. The main purpose of online voting is about making the act of voting as convenient as possible and it holds great promise to improve accessibility, specifically those who live in a remote area, or who have mobility issues. However, these voting ideas may introduce some risk to some of the current principles to our democratic system.

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