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Arguement for Smoke-Free Restaurants

             Have you ever had to sit in a restaurants smoking area because the non-smoking section was full? Or perhaps, while sitting in the non-smoking section, the choking odor of tobacco smoke still reached your nostrils and burned at your lungs. Helplessly, you may have witnessed some nearby children coughing, sneezing, or rubbing their eyes as they ate their meal. Even before you have received your food, the satisfaction and enjoyment of your evening has been ruined. All of this just because you were surrounded by another persons deathly habit.
             Nearly every Nebraskan loves a home-cooked meal. Unfortunately in our busy lives, it is often difficult to cook and serve this type of meal, so many families turn to the convenience of restaurants. Although this is a fine solution, a problem arises when restaurants allow smoking inside of their building. The effects of secondhand smoke are indeed very harmful when restaurant patrons are unintentionally exposed to it. Thus, something as widespread as eating out becomes a significant health hazard. Local factions have increasingly become involved with this issue, just as non-smoking Nebraskans can show their support by voicing disapproval. Initiating smoke-free restaurants within our state will not only create a more desirable dining experience, but also improve the lives of our residents.
             Secondhand smoke knows no boundaries and as a result, it is present throughout a restaurant. It can still circulate to patrons who choose not to smoke and are seated in a non-smoking section. Restaurants have tried to deal with this concern by segregating areas and constructing separate ventilation systems within their dining room, but these systems do not alleviate all toxins. Furthermore, they do not protect the patrons who are seated in waiting areas or in the lounge or bar area. Non-smoking restaurant patrons thus begin to experience watery eyes, stuffy sinuses, and difficulty breathing while sitting in the smoky environment.

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